Rules for Birthday Parties

Celebrating a birthday at Nepomuks Kinderwelt should be an unforgettable experience for every child and an enjoyable matter for every adult. In order for that to be possible we only take a limited number of birthday reservations for each day.

On days with extended opening hours you can either make a reservation from 10:00AM-2:00PM or from 3:00-7:00PM. On days with regular opening hours the 3:00-7:00PM slot is the only one available.

For the duration of your party you will be handed a pager that has your table number on it and serves the purpose of a credit card. Therefore you are able to order food or drinks of your choice anytime without having to pay right away. The payment is postponed until the end of the party, where it is possible to pay in cash, by debit-, credit or your EC card.

When having made a reservation for a birthday party you are allowed to bring along your own food and beverages. Please remember that children often are either unwilling or unavailable to eat, yet there still are drinks included in the packages. Should you be in need for clean plates, cutlery or a knife for the cake, simply let us know. We will gladly take care of any additional requests you should have. We are however unable to take care of your packaging waste for you.


It is possible to cancel a reservation by phone until two days before the actual party at 6:30PM. After that you are only able to postpone the date of the party. The postponement is for the case of illnesses, emergencies, etc. and should be used only in such cases. If you simply do not show up on the day of your party without having made a cancellation of some sort, we will charge you the already stated number of children times the price of your already specified birthday package. For this purpose we will send you a bill. Please help us to avoid these kind of incidents.