Things to know

Invitation card and birthday rules

Here you can download our attractive invitation card template for filling out and printing. Also you can download our birthday rules.

Safe, clean, great!

Nepomuks Kinderwelt combines quality with atmosphere and offers a safe environment with fantastic fun activities and thoughtfully prepared food. In the summer we have a beautiful outdoor area and ecologically cooled indoor playground. In the winter Nepomuks Kinderwelt is heated by underfloor heating.

We have the first FunParc in the world with real bamboo, and we offer optimal relaxation for the parents of children big and small: as well as a fence around the site, an inflatable mountain with three side walls, secured entrance and exit doors, a fenced toddler area, a seperate baby changing and nursing room and massage chairs.

The Outdoor area is open from April to October.


Parents are responsible for supervising their own children.