Wedding location

You plan a weddingparty up to 100 person and looking for a noble and extraordinary location?

You find an exclusive & air-conditioned location with us.

Great offer in summer (june, juli, august):
€ 1.500,- location with an exclusive hall use
€ 29,-
Drink flat rate per person, inclusive of soft drinks, wine, beer and hot drinks.  

Free marriage ceremony

Free marriage ceremony and champagne reception in the big garden of Nepomuks.

from 30 Personen
€ 20,- per person including champagne receipt and snack pro Person  

Bachelorsparty location

Then visit us exclusively in Nepomuks Kinderwelt

3 Stunden exklusively
€ 490,- €

At conferences and events in Nepomuks Kinderwelt, you can get a good price nearby at the Hotel am Stadthaus in Neuenburg am Rhein.