Our Vision

… is to create a place where parents and grandparents feel as comfortable as the children. A place where you can have fun whether it is raining outside or the sun is shining, whether you are local or in transit, where you can have a birthday party the whole year round. A place where children can run around and play in, without their parents having to worry.

Our Goal

… is to create a well conditioned environment, that is just as fun for the children as it is safe.

The Implementation

… takes place on an over 90.000 square feet big area adjacent to the A5 Autobahn, where in November of 2009 we created one of the biggest and most beautiful indoor playgrounds in Europe.  The enormous outdoor area with a view of the surrounding forests and mountains, as well as the gigantic Viking ship shaped jungle gym was opened in July 2010. The indoor area is conditioned with a heat pump, heating the hall in the winter and cooling it down on hot days in the summer. Once every hour the air inside the building is filtered completely.  There is also a sub-floor heating keeping the feet of our smaller and bigger customers warm. Out of safety reasons our walls are covered protectively. Nepomuks Kinderwelt also is the proud owner of the world’s first jungle gym made entirely of bamboo. Our menu contains typical meals for children as well as numerous dishes suitable for adults. We at Nepomuks Kinderwelt are aware of our responsibility towards you and your children and go without the use of artificial flavors and food coloring. We will gladly give out information concerning the ingredients of our food, particularly towards people allergic to gluten or lactose.

Briefly speaking

… we are looking to create a place  we ourselves would love to visit.  

Your Paul, Emil, Max, Nina and Peter Hartmann