Dear Guests

please note that we had to change our opening hours due to Corona-related conditions. We offer a timeslot in the morning and a timeslot in the afternoon. Please refer to the calendar on the homepage to find out which timeslots are available on which days.

The listed admission prices refer to one timeslot only.

per Child (>2.8ft)

14.00 €

per Adult (>18 years)

10.00 €

Child (<2.8ft) or disabled child (>70%)

10.00 €

Senior citizens (> 65 years)
disabled adult (>70%)
Assistant with class "B" entry

8.00 €

Toddler, wheelchair user, the blind

Free of charge

Birthday "childs" or "adults" (except with birthday packages)

Free of charge

2 children, 2 adults

44.00 €

3 children, 1 adult

48.00 €

Each additional child

13.00 €

each additional adult

9.00 €

We accept

€ and CHF