Opening hours
3pm - 7pm
3pm - 7pm
August 2024
3pm - 7pm
10am-2pm and 3-7pm
closed event


Dear guests,

unfortunately, our Wickinger ship in the outdoor area is getting on in years
and can no longer be used.

Your Nepomuks team

Dear Guests,

Our opening hours 

Please note that we had changed our opening hours. We are open for you in one time slot in the morning and one in the afternoon. Please check the calendar to see which time slots are available on which days.

(mo), tu, we, th, fr
3pm – 7pm
sa, su and holidays
10am – 2pm
3pm – 7pm

Admission prices refer to one time window.

Only 20 minutes away from Basel, Nepomuks Kinderwelt offers you a completely new Dimension of family entertainment. With a sub-floor  heating for the winter and the ecologically cooled hall in the summer, Nepomuks Kinderwelt is an environment for parents to relax in, while their children are having a good time in a safe, clean and fun place. Our kitchen staff also created a delicious and responsible menu for the entire family in case you get hungry.

Nepomuks Kinderwelt has been built solely for the purpose of being an indoor playground and has been equipped to the highest standards to ensure a secure and fun experience for your children. The FunParc made entirely of bamboo is a special highlight at Nepomuks Kinderwelt and the first one of its kind worldwide, including several slopes, a Funshooter Arena and a variety of additional play activities. Our safety measures go beyond the statutory requirements (TÜV). Nepomuks Kinderwelt is a part of the society of indoor playground and we therefore committed ourselves to a high standard of quality, security and the society’s code of honor. 

Looking to go on a trip with your family or to show your grandchildren, nephews or nieces a good time? Trying to have a relaxed conversation with a friend of yours in spite of having small children? Planning an excursion with your class or a sports club without the weather being a factor? Let’s go to Nepomuks Kinderwelt for a fun day with your loved ones.

Want to have a birthday party?  We offer a relaxing day for the parents and a great time for the kids. Make a reservation online. Planning a large party, a corporate or a customer event?

All that ist possible right here. Take a look at our pictures to get some inspiration. The Nepomuks Team is looking forward to having you.